Our Thai Silk

Thai Silk fabrics are hand woven from natural fiber, produced from the silkworms’ cocoon. They are known all over the world for their beauty, texture, quality, and durability. These fabrics are usually used for making garments for ladies and men, bedspreads, table runners, table cloths, shawls, neck ties, cushion covers, and curtains.


Our silks are handmade and woven in-house by experienced master weavers who have been weaving for generations. They are given dyed yarn to weave based on our designs and specifications. We ensure the consistency in purity and quality of our Thai silk fabrics by taking the following measures:


  • Adopting only fine quality raw silk fibers that are thoroughly washed, to remove the natural glutinous substance, and bleached so that they are able to absorb dye permanently. We ensure you that we only use Grade A quality silk fibers.


  • We guarantee to use high quality dyes that usually costs a lot more compared to the standard ones. High quality dyes does not fade and it reflects two-tone colors perfectly under the lights.


  • 2000 threads warps (vertical threads) are used on the width of fabric. This ensures a tightly woven fabric which will last over the test of time.


We classify our Thai silk fabrics by the following criteria:


  • PLY - Thickness or weight of fabrics.
  • TEXTURE - Smoothness or roughness of the fabrics.
  • DESIGN - Shades of colors and types of patterns.



This refers to the number of threads used for the warps (vertical) and wefts (horizontal) during the weaving process. The smooth Thai Silk fabrics have lustrous satin-like finish. 1-ply refers to the use of a single thread while 2-ply refers to the use of two threads. The number of ply determines the thickness or weight of the materials. We have the largest collection of 2 ply Thai Silk as it has the highest demand from customers. They are commonly used for dresses, blouses, shirts, scarves, pillow cases and curtains.



Texture refers to the surface of the fabric. The relatively rougher Thai silk fabrics are woven with thick, firm and rougher yarns. These fabrics are suitable for making pants, jackets, curtains, upholstery, table cloths and table runners.



A pattern of crossed line of different made by arranging the warps and wefts into check design. These fabrics are suitable for skirt, blouse, shawl, scarves, curtain, pillow cases and table runners. Our customers usually use this with a combination of 2 ply single color Thai Silk.



An intricate traditional geometric and zoomorphic motifs of northern Thailand created by arranging various colours of the weft yarns.