Dagger (Keris)

Dagger (Keris)
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The Keris is a unique dagger; a precious cultural heritage and a symbol of national sovereignty to some of the provinces in Southeast Asia, often having strong associations with heroism and mysticism. Kris’ were commonly used as weaponry, sacred heirloom, as an accessory for rituals, an indicator of social status, and a symbol of majesty, power and rank. Today it is a status symbol for the royal regalia and dignitaries. This piece exudes elegance and excellence in quality, it personifies centuries of history and culture. 

Made of 92.5% silver, crafted in the state of Kelantan, the north-eastern part of the Peninsular Malaysia.

Product Measurements: Length: 53 CM; Handle Length; 11.5CM; Sheath Length: 41 CM; Blade Length: 35.6 CM

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